KO-V2-BF30 & KO-V2-BF25


The size of the solar panel
1134 X 2279 mm

The size of the solar panel
1303 X 2384 mm

3D virtual model

Press the button below to view the construction from all angles. You can remove any part and zoom in on any detail. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the construction and make an informed decision. You'll be able to download the assembly drawing of the construction.

High-quality material

The construction is made of the highest quality galvanized steel. (Prime galvanized Low Carbon steel DX51D Z330 according to EN-10346)

Arba konstrukcinį plieną su Magnelio padengimu. (Constructoral steel S350GD ZM310 produced by ArcerolMittal in Germany as a part of Magnelis® production) Read more

14% stronger construction

Constructions most frequently transported to Lithuania are from Poland. They are made from C-profile, which is commonly used in the construction industry and has been adapted for the production of solar power plant structures.

Our engineers assessed the resistance to bending and twisting of the C-profile and concluded that it is not the most optimal choice for a solar power plant structure.

By using the same amount of material, we have created a more advanced SIGMA profile. It is approximately 14% more resistant to bending loads and even approximately 23% more resistant to twisting loads.

Computer simulations and physical tests were conducted at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU).

By using the same amount of materials, we can offer a stronger construction for the same price.

25°-30° angle for Lithuania

The angle is optimized for large parks to efficiently utilize land, reduce erosion, and optimize the amount of metal in structural elements.

The solar module size is 1303 x 2384 mm with a 25° layout scheme. Download

The solar module size is 1303 x 2384 mm with a 30° layout scheme. Download

Real view example in Lithuania

Filaretų g. 11, Didžiasalio k., Vilniaus r., Lithuania

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KO-V2-BF30 & KO-V2-BF25

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